The Quilter's Way

Reach your full quilting potential

The Quilter's Way is a membership group which includes both learning information and a community area where you can ask questions and connect with other members. Come join us for a 14-day trial!
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Vintage Sewing Machines

Learn about vintage sewing machines

Have a vintage sewing machine and want information on how to use it? For courses and other information, click on the button below.
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  • What is The Quilter's Way?

    The Quilter's Way is a monthly online membership group that includes two areas: a Learning Centre and a Community. The Quilter's Way includes in-depth courses, mini trainings, quick tips as well as live video shows and other exclusive content. The Community area of The Quilter's Way allows members to connect with one another to learn and support each other.

  • What is in Vintage Sewing Machines?

    Vintage Sewing Machines includes online courses and downloadable ebooks to learn all about vintage sewing machines.