In The Quilter’s Way you’ll find:

  • In-depth courses – complete step-by-step video instructions
  • Mini trainings – short series of video trainings
  • Quilter’s Quickies – short, focused trainings on one specific topic
  • Regular live videos exclusive to The Quilter’s Way, including answers to your specific questions
  • Downloadable checklists, schedules, and forms
  • Exclusive member giveaways and quilt alongs
  • Weekly updates on all activity in The Quilter’s Way 
  • Additional courses, mini trainings, and downloadable information added regularly
  • Community area where you can connect, encourage, and learn from other members

Click here to get a pdf that lists all the courses available in The Quilter's Way Learning Centre.


  • Can I access The Quilter’s Way on my phone, iPad and Android device and computer?

    Absolutely! You can access The Quilter’s Way on any computer or mobile device with internet connection.

  • Will I have access to all of the courses and information immediately once I become a member?

    Yes, you will have access to the content that is currently on The Quilter’s Way immediately upon enrolment. Additional content will be added regularly.

  • Is there a trial period?

    Yes, there is a 14-day trial period for you to explore The Quilter’s Way. If you cancel your enrolment before the end of the14-day trial period, your credit card will not be charged. You may wonder why you need to enter your credit card information for the 14-day trial period. The software that we use for The Quilter’s Way needs a credit card to validate a member. Don't worry: your credit card will not be charged unless you decide to become a member of The Quilter’s Way at the end of the 14-day trial period.

  • Can I download the videos and courses?

    No, the videos and courses are only available online inside The Quilter’s Way. There are forms and checklists that are available for you to download and keep.

  • What payment options do you use and do I need to resubscribe each month?

    You can pay for your monthly membership by credit card. It is completely secure and we do not have access to any of your credit card information. Once you have enrolled in The Quilter’s Way, your monthly fee will be automatically charged to your credit card each month. No need to remember to pay your monthly fee: we take care of this for you so your membership automatically continues. Unfortunately PayPal does not allow subscription type payments.

  • What happens if I stop paying my monthly fee?

    If you stop paying your monthly fee, your membership in The Quilter’s Way is cancelled. Like a gym membership, once you stop paying, you no longer have access to the equipment – or in this case, content.

  • If I cancel my membership and decide to join The Quilter's Way again, will I still pay the same monthly fee?

    No, you will pay the current monthly fee at the time you resubscribe to The Quilter’s Way, which may be higher than you had previously paid each month.

  • Is there a money back guarantee?

    We offer a free 14-day trial period so you can decide if The Quilter’s Way is for you. You have access to all of the content that is in The Quilter’s Way during this time. If you cancel before the end of this 14-day period, no fees are charged.

  • Why aren’t you using a Facebook group for the community?

    We considered having a Facebook group for The Quilter’s Way, but with recent privacy concerns we felt that having our own privately hosted community would be better. It is ad-free with no distractions and no privacy concerns.